ACM @ UAB Workshops & Lectures

Git & Github

The ACM @ UAB Git & Github workshop was created as part of the "Not Taught In Class" series, however, ACM @ UAB is happy to announce UAB CS will begin integrating Git and Github into the curriculum. You can find the slides below:


A list of resources to expound on what you learned during the workshop are listed below.

Debugging Workshop

The ACM @ UAB Debugging Workshop was an in-person live lecture. While we perfect recording our workshops. Check out the following videos to learn more about Breakpoint style Debugging

Command Line Workshop

The ACM @ UAB Command Line Workshop is an in-person detailed command line lecture with live demo's and a chance to work on your command line skills.

UX/UI Night

ACM @ UAB invited the EVP, Regions Digital – Head of User Experience (UX), Todd Keith to present more on the field of UX/UI and how it touches on our everyday lives. Whilst the slides themselves were property of Regions, please enjoy these notes prepared by attendee Dylan Calvin.

Anna Toppings Tech Talk

Anna Toppings, Sr. Manager @ TechBirmingham, gave a tech talk highlighting how to get involved in the Birmingham Tech Scene, some job searching tips, and how to land your first role. She created a set of slides filled with resources which you may find below: